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custom vinly patches

What’s Custom Vinyl Patches?

You come to the right place if you are looking for more information about custom vinyl patches. custom vinyl patches is designed as an economical alternative to embroidered patches. Although most people still like custom patches for a classic look. but custom vinyl patches are the latest thing in patches. PVC Vinyl Patches is the best choice if your design is very complex or wants to show more details. you can have all the details and all the small fonts on the Custom vinyl patch. Your design will not be subject to any restrictions!

What’s the difference between Custom vinyl Patches and PVC Patches?

Many customers will have questions the custom vinyl patches is the same as PVC Patches? of course “no”. here let we talk about these difference between custom vinyl patches and PVC patches.

1:PVC Patches are made with mold, they looks small and thicker. Custom vinyl patches are made from specially printed vinyl, they look thin and soft.

2: PVC Patches is also a very popular patch, but the cost is higher than vinyl patches.

3:PVC Patches is divided into 2D and 3D. Our custom vinyl patches only have 2D. we called 2D vinyl patches. that means you no need to pay extra mold fee. Although custom vinyl patches only have 2D. But it still looks 3D effect according to your design. You can still make any design you want with custom vinyl patches.

In short, PVC patches and vinyl patches are a kind of PVC. But there is a difference between them.

Custom Vinyl Patches VS Custom Embroidered Patches

In patchmaker.com, there are many different choices of patches for customers. Embroidered patches and custom vinyl patches are a favorite of our customers. Both patches have their characteristics.

Custom Vinyl Patches

There are no other threads on the patch except the merge at the edge, and the custom vinyl patches material is PVC vinyl. Custom Vinyl Patches suitable for some small budget companies or individuals as the price will be more competitive. there is some limit design for custom embroidered patches. but for custom vinyl patches. You can completely follow your own ideas. you can add special effects to the font, you can add shadows, you can do anything!

Vinyl VS Embroidered

Custom Embroidered Patches

Customized embroidered Patches is a more classic style, it has a rich appearance. Embroidered Patches can be divided into different embroidery coverage, customers can choose according to their preferences. custom Embroidered patches also have different backings and borders to choose from.In short, custom vinyl patches and custom embroidered patches are with high quality and professionally finished, it’s up to you decide.

Embroidered VS Vinyl patches

Advantage of custom vinyl patches

One of the main advantages of the custom vinyl patches is that it does not require digital design. We will create patches from your work exactly as you sent it to us! The key to these custom vinyl patches is flexibility. You can pinch them into a ball, they will bounce into shape, use your hands and the patch to smooth the patch slightly, the patch is like new! Through comparison with other patches, we have summarized the following advantages:


low cost (Most custom shapes can be used without additional cost)


waterproof (Does not fade, melt, crack or deteriorate)


Any design can be a patch-even a photo!


Countless colors are available.


Durable at high temperature or low temperature.


Extremely resistant to contamination and easy to clean

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