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Custom Embroidered Keychain

As usually, Custom embroidered keychain is used by companies to make promotional gifts. Why people select custom embroidered keychain? Because the keychain provides us with a very convenient way.

Custom Embroidered keychain is a decorative item hanging on a key ring. Diversified customization makes our keychain suitable for various occasions, university clubs, company teams, small gifts, etc. Besides, custom embroidered keychain is the best selection for promotional products or companies, travel and sports goods. We accept customize the different sizes, shapes, and logos for custom embroidered keychain.

custom embroidered keychain

Embroidered Keychain VS Woven Keychain

There have 2 types of custom embroidered keychain for selection, Embroidered keychain, and Woven Keychain. These 2 types are 100% customizable with many choices of fabric colors and options. So what’s the difference for custom embroidered keychain and woven keychain?

Embroidered Keychain

Embroidered keychain use thicker thread than a woven keychain. Custom Embroidered Keychain with different embroidery threads and one thread is used for each different color.

The advantage and disadvantage of Embroidered keychain


1:Embroidered Keychain looks classic

2:Different types for choose

3:More border selection


1:Thread thicker

2: If you want to show a lot of details, it will look a bit confusing

In a word, it’s the best choice if you want your custom embroidered keychain looks classic.

Woven Keychain

There is only using one thread no matter how many colors of the woven keychain. We suggest you order woven keychain if you want to show more details or much information on the keychain.

The advantage and disadvantage of woven keychain


1: Colorful
2: Washable

3: Accept smaller letter


1: Two edges are not smooth if you select heat cut border for woven keychain

2: the cost will be higher if choose edge border for woven keychain

In Short, Woven keychain are suitable for those who want to show higher details.

The uses of Custom Embroidered Keychain

Custom Embroidered Keychain plays a very important role in our life and they have different uses in different occasion. Now Let's walk into the world of Custom Embroidered keychain.

1: It can be applied to personal items and personal accessories.

As a decoration, Many people like to get a custom embroidered keychain on their own key. This will also make it easier for you to manage your keys.

2: Travel gifts

Some tourist areas will use the custom embroidered keychain as a souvenir, which can display the characteristics of the attractions or add their Logo.

3:Exhibition gifts

If your company is going to join the exhibition show. You can put your company logo or contact way on the Custom Embroidered Keychain. Then send it as a gift for everyone who comes to your exhibition. it should also achieve a good publicity effect.

4:Zipper heads or luggage tags

Many People use custom embroidered keychain to make zipper heads or luggage tags.When we are going to make an airplane, we will worry about the loss of luggage. The Airline usually uses Custom Embroidered keychain as a mark to specific bags and luggage that need to be separated from customer luggage.

Customized shape for embroidered keychain!

Round, Oval, Rectangle....which shape you want to customize for your custom embroidered keychain? There are 3 easy steps for you If you still don’t know how to design your custom embroidered keychain.

choose curent model

Step 1

You can choose our current model, if you are not satisfied with these models. You can send your artwork to us. Our professional designer will help you all the time.

send your design to us

Step 2

Send us the characteristics of your custom embroidered keychain: quantity, shape, color, and personalization.

receive an email with draft design

Step 3

You will receive an email with a quotation and a draft custom embroidered keychain, then just confirm by email.

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