Custom Patches

Custom Made PatchesCustom patches are a symbol of promoting your business, member identity, political statement, and band promoting. No matter you have a club, in school, company, or you want to improve your brand in the workday, custom patches are your best choice. They are all kinds of customer sizes, shapes, and colors. They have unbelievable versatility. No matter the custom patches you need, Patchmaker.com will be a reliable source. We only use the high quality thread and materials to get  the most supreme durable and visual appeal. We provide free artwork and  design, delivery in the USA. In order to get the high quality custom embroidered patches.



Custom Embroidered Patches

Please Choose Patchmaker.com. As a Custom Patch Maker, we are responsible for our customers. We have all you need, we can offer a pretty appearance and durable custom patches. Patchmaker.com can help you build a perfect design, we make the purchase fast and simple. You can ensure that you will get the best custom embroidered patches around the world, and the cost-efficient price and customer service.


Types of Custom Patches

Embroidered Patches

Embroidered Patches

Embroidered Patches are used for garment adorn, souvenir, collection, and present


iron on patches

Iron On Patches

It can replace sew on patches, it is more convenient than sewing on patches

woven patches

Woven Patches

Woven Patches can be used for any shape. They can present a mass of details

Printed Patches

Printed Patches

Printed Patches are made by silk screen patch adopt bright-colored color

bullion patches

Bullion Patches

Quality Bullion Patches are handmade by technically brilliant craftsmen



Order your custom patches for your organizations or company, Patchmaker.com will make it easy. You just need to send your logo or idea you want to show on the custom patches. You can email us your design rough draft or picture or call us to tell us your idea. The process of ordering is easy. Any contact information will be allowed, please browser the contact information of us below. There are three steps to design your custom patches.

How to order custom embroidered patches?


Matching Different Materials

Polyester MaterialPolyester, Nylon, and Spandex

Polyester, nylon, and spandex will be more exquisite than cotton. Iron on backing will not suitable for these materials, because the heat will damage the cloth. The best choice of backing for these three materials are no backing, adhesive backing, Velcro backing. These backings will suitable for your sensitive materials perfectly!

Vinyl and Leather.

Vinyl and Leather

Vinyl and leather are sensitive materials, so not every backing suitable for these materials.

Iron on backing cannot use for vinyl and leather. No backing, Velcro backing, and the adhesive will be the best choice for them.



We offer any backing to support jeans. Iron on backing and no backing are the most durable backing through our dozens of times of washing and test. Iron on backings and no backing will sustain every custom patches.

sports shirt

Sports Shirt

All the backings are suitable for a sports shirt. You can choose iron on backing, no backing, Velcro backing, and adhesive backing. Please remember, choose iron on backing or no backing if you need long-term use. Adhesive backing and Velcro backing will be the best choice if you choose custom patches for temporary use.


How To Make Custom Patches?

How To Make Custom Patches?

Embroidered patches have long and abundant history, they were rooted from thousands of years ago. DIY custom patches become popular in recent years. Here in Patchmaker.com, we will introduce how to make custom embroidered patches.

They are made by a machine controlled by a computer for the design amount of your logo. After digitization, operating the thread color into the machine, then it becomes embroidered patches. There is something you need to know while you prepare for making custom embroidered patches.

different embroidery

What is the Meaning of the Embroidery Percentage?

There will be 50%, 75% and 100% embroidery for your reference. You should consider the plus of custom embroidered patches. Plus materials can be the background that you want to see, then the coverage of embroidery will be 50% and 75%. If you do not want to see any background, you can design 100% embroidery.

different size

How to Calculate the Size of Custom Embroidered Patches?

To calculate the size of custom patches, measurement of length plus width then divide 2 is the size of custom embroidered patches, that is (length + width)/2=size.

Why Order Custom Patches in PatchMaker.com?

free artwork

Free Artwork

  No Minimum Order.png

No Minimum Order

free shipping

Free Shipping

Patchmaker.com professionals produce five types of custom patches, such as embroidered patches, iron on patches, woven patches, printed patches, and bullion patches. We are good at patch design. Our crafts with years of experience that you can trust. As a patch maker, there is only one thing we need to focus on- create a better patch. We can offer any size and color of customized. The high quality and the cost-efficient price we can commit. The embroidery machine of computer control will use high quality colorized twill. It will make custom patches stronger and full of attractive to copy the most elaborate details. The 100% support for customer satisfaction is what we care about. It will guarantee our sale every patch. If you find any problem with custom patches ordered from us, no matter is the craft of material, please tell us. We will gratis change it for you. There will not be extra charges. There are three targets in Patchmaker.com, use the best quality material, use the best quality technology, create your custom patches online. We are devoting ourselves to offering the best products and customer service for every customer.

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